Short Lease

Having a remaining lease of 70 years or less can really reduce your chances of selling.

Most people, including many solicitors, will tell you that you can’t get a mortgage on a property with less than 70 years remaining on the lease.

And people rightly think that even if they did buy a short-lease property they won’t be able to sell in a few years’ time except at a give-away price.

So they won’t even consider buying your flat.

It can cost £15,000, £20,000 or even more (plus legal expenses) to extend a lease. Many people can’t afford the money or the time – even if they know how to do it.

Here at Kent & Sussex HomeBuyers we know all about sorting out short leases. So we’re happy to buy your short-lease property and you get the quick sale you need.

Simple : Safe : SOLD!

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