Poor Condition

Unless your home looks ‘showroom quality’ with a modern and new-looking kitchen plus a shiny bathroom, many potential buyers won’t give it a second look.

You see, most people want to move into a property they can live in straight away.

But what if your home is one of the millions of ‘well lived-in’ homes? Maybe with an old-fashioned bathroom or a 20-year old kitchen? Possibly it needs re-wiring, the roof has seen better days or the windows are old-fashioned, single glazed, rotten wood frames or old PVC.

All of these things put potential buyers off and severely reduce the value of your property compared to the ‘market-price it would be worth IF it was in ideal condition.

At Kent & Sussex HomeBuyers, we specialise in buying tired properties like yours and giving them a complete makeover.

We can buy your tired home from you easily and quickly – saving you months and months of uncertainty.

In some cases we can do the renovation (which we pay for of course) and then give you a slice of the profits too.

Simple : Safe : SOLD!

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