Financial Difficulty

Sadly more and more people are getting into financial difficulty these days.

Maybe things have led to you having loans, credit card debt and mortgage arrears?

For some people selling their home, getting rid of the mortgage and mortgage arrears and moving into rented accommodation can solve the problem, get rid of all the stress and make life and finances bearable again. Even if you’re in negative equity, we can often buy your home rapidly to help you solve your problems.

Here at Kent & Sussex HomeBuyers, we’re not financial advisers, but we can be part of the solution to stressful financial difficulties because we can often buy your home regardless of its state of repair and even with negative equity.

And often, you’ll be in a much better position financially if you can solve your mortgage arrears problem before the bank or building society calls in the bailiffs to repossess the property and possibly make you homeless.

Simple : Safe : SOLD!

So, if you’re stuck with mortgage arrears or negative equity and maybe other debts – and selling your home would help you to get your life back on track, contact us now to find out how we can help.