Divorce or Split

The end of a relationship is rarely a happy time and both people need to move on as quickly as possible.

Often the split means that the house or flat needs to be sold so that both parties can have their share. And the need is usually immediate so that each party can secure a new property to live in so that life can recommence.

The problem of needing to sell fast is that very often, you can’t.

The estate agent route can occasionally be quick. For 90 per cent of the time, however, it takes months and months (plus usually two or three price-drops) before your property will be sold. And if it’s not in pristine ‘showhome quality’ condition – fewer buyers are interested and the process takes even longer.

Here at Kent & Sussex HomeBuyers we specialise in buying quickly, whatever the condition of your home. And the price we offer is usually as good, or better, than the price you’ll get after waiting six or twelve months through an estate agent.

Simple : Safe : SOLD!

So, if life won’t wait and you need to move on, contact us now to find out how we can help you straight away. Call us on now on 01424 868 060 for a free evaluation.