When a relative or friend dies and leaves a property as part of his or her estate – that can be the start of your problems.

The property may be left to you outright or its value may need to be split amongst several people.
Until it is sold you need to keep it secured (though that can be a problem because insurers don’t like empty properties). Central heating needs to be kept on, lights regularly turned off and on plus curtains drawn – to try to give it a ‘lived-in’ appearance. Because you need to try to avoid ransackers who go in to steal the pipes and cabling. And you need to try to avoid getting squatters too. Of course, gas electric and water bills have to be paid. Council tax often also. Until the property is sold.

But selling often isn’t quick. Often the properties which are left to us are very ‘tired’ looking with old fashioned and out of date kitchens and bathrooms and other repairs needed. All of which put the majority of potential buyers off.

If you choose to sell through an estate agent then the process can take months and months, very worrying because the property is empty all of that time. And usually it takes two or three price-drops from the estate agent originally told you the property was worth.

Here at Kent & Sussex HomeBuyers, we understand the need to sell quickly and we can buy the property from you, fast – no matter what state it is in. Saving you all the stress and aggravation of looking after the property during a lengthy selling process. We can complete in days or weeks, not months or years.

Simple : Safe : SOLD!

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